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Visual Studio project not showing in Manage NuGet Packages for solution select project window

I wanted to include an old SiteMap project of mine in a new Visual Studio solution for a project I am working on, but ran into a bit of trouble wanting to add NuGet packages to it. I was able … Continue reading

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How to get URL to FuBuMVC input model endpoint in a view

I wrote a small extension method for retrieving the URL to an input model endpoint in FuBuMVC together with my collegue Christer Bermar today. What we wanted to achieve was to have the relative address without the leading slash added … Continue reading

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How to use HtmlConventions to create a radio button list input for FuBuMVC

Ran into a little difficulty with a FuBuMVC website today while trying to have InputFor generate a radio button list. The problem was that we were using an enum (as the one below) to represent the values, which passed through … Continue reading

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EPiServer CustomProperty: jQuery image slide show with HTML captions and smooth transitions using Dev7studios Nivo Slider

While searching for a pretty looking image slide show plugin that would not need me to have a Flash player installed on the client computer, or on the client iPad for that matter, I stumbled across an interesting piece of … Continue reading

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How to make EPiServer surveil your config files notifying you on change

I have been a little bit dry on coding inspiration lately, until the other day when my collegue Karl Ahlin gave me an interesting idea concerning monitoring of configuration files. While I enjoyed coding it, I will leave it unsaid … Continue reading

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Revisited and improved: PageType based filtering of EPiServer’s EditMode PageTree

Some time ago I developed a small plug-in to EPiServer‘s edit mode page tree, allowing web editors to filter its pages based on all available page types. I decided to spend this weekend in the sun on my balcony with … Continue reading

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Being friends with the PropertyControlClassFactory, or: 101 ways to change EPiServer built-in property appearances

As I have been playing around with using ControlAdapters to change the rendering of built-in EPiServer properties lately, I got curious on what else I could possible do to modify them. As it turns out, the EPiServer PropertyControlClassFactory is a … Continue reading

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How to embed EPiServer resources such as GuiPlugIns and Pages together with Images, JavaScripts and Stylesheets in droppable assembly binaries

Recently I got slapped back into reality receiving a Twitter message from my collegue Patrik Akselsson in which he kindly asked me to hand him a GitHub link to the code from one of my blog posts. Being long overdue … Continue reading

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Complete and concrete example of what an ASP.NET WebForms Model-View-Presenter project may look like using StructureMap, NUnit and AutoMoq

For quite some time now I have been thinking of creating some sort of sample project to show how a Model-View-Presenter approach may be used in an ASP.NET WebForms project. Lots of what is out there on this subject seem … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer loses Referrer when redirecting or linking with JavaScript

I came across another Internet Explorer feature today as I was debugging a piece of code related to adding referrer URLs when submitting input forms. It worked perfectly on all versions that I tried of Firefox and Chrome, the referring … Continue reading

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Supplying EPiServer scheduled jobs with parameters through Admin Mode

I have always missed a way of supplying arbitrary input parameters to EPiServer scheduled jobs through the Admin Mode scheduled job interface. As Stefan Forsberg laughingly pointed out to me when I told him about my POC for this functionality … Continue reading

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Allowing web editors to apply PageType based filtering on the EPiServer edit mode PageTree

When you have an EPiServer installation containing thousands of different pages built up by far-too-many page types, locating pages of just one of them may turn out to be just a little too time consuming. Since I have grown to … Continue reading

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Recursively finding an ASP.NET control with a specific ID

I wrote a short recursive method for locating specific controls while having no idea of where they are in a nested structure; actually, I added one dynamically and needed to find it again. This will return the first control matching … Continue reading

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Surviving IE, or: How to render different markup depending on devices and browsers

The short answer would be, “Create a control adapter, add it to your .browser file and have it applied using browser recognition”. If you want the longer verion, you will have to continue reading. First, let us start with some … Continue reading

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Keeping your hair from turning gray, or: How to style the asp:FileUpload control using control adapters

The other day, I got a question from a former collegue of mine who was having trouble styling the ASP.NET FileUpload control, as it renders into a particulary nasty bit of HTML; i.e. an <input type=”file” /> tag. He told … Continue reading

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The ‘Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine exception

I got this exception when setting up an old website on a new 64-bit Windows Server. The system was using an old Access database for keeping statistics information, which did not seem to like the new environment. As I did … Continue reading

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Simple handling of legacy URLs to an EPiServer 4 site migrated to a later version

When a customer wants to move their site from version 4 of the EPiServer platform to a later one, the URLs will change. It is very likely that so will the ids for the migrated pages. Here is a simple … Continue reading

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Removing empty fields from EPiServer XForm e-mails

A customer asked me to see what I could do for their XForm order notification e-mails today. Apparently the department handling their incoming orders was receiving really long e-mails with loads of superfluous information; this as every field in the … Continue reading

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Finding all controls of a specific type on a page

I was working with dynamically added TextBox controls in an unknown structure of recursively nested Repeaters the other day, and needed to loop through them after they were posted back to the server. Since I had no idea of where … Continue reading

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