About Mathias and this blog

Mathias works as a system developer at Valtech where his primary focus is creating ASP.NET websites both with and without EPiServer. He is an EMVP who have been fiddling with computers and programmed for the greater part of his life. After compleating his MSc in Computer Science at Luleå University of Technology in mid 2008 he moved down south to Stockholm. Since then he have been enjoying web development both inside and outside the office.

The original idea behind creating this blog came in early 2009 from the difficulty to find EPiServer related information specifically aimed at developers new to the platform. However, the purpose has since then grown and now also includes other code and configuration related matters.

Follow Mathias on Twitter, visit his not so content rich website, or why not his LinkedIn page. You can reach him professionally at work on mathi..unto@valtech.se, or through m..l@mathiaskunto.com for private matters.

All source code from this blog is available at GitHub.