Globalization Archive

Database persisted translations with edit tools for language file resources in globalized EPiServer websites

A few years back I wrote a small tool allowing web administrators to update EPiServer CMS 6 R2 language files by themselves without the help of their website developers. There were of course a few downsides to this, such as updated deployment procedures as not to lose any new translations. I took a few hours and made a new one for EPiServer 7.5 that works …

Updated sitemap.xml generator functionality with bundle and batch support using sitemapindex

I updated the previous sitemap.xml generator functionality with new support for sitemapindex with batching and bundling of different types of sitemap URLs. My current client has the need to manually add sitemap.xml entries as a supplement to the generated ones through an administrator interface; hence the bundling functionality. Source code at GitHub.

Programmatically created pages getting wrong master language in migrated EPiServer environment

I ran in to a problem with my migrated EPiServer 4 website when creating new pages programmatically. The old site was using English as the master language, but my new one would be all in Swedish. I had used the version of the Advanced Language Manipulation Tool that Mari Jørgensen updated to convert my pages, as well as the SQL provided by Dane Richards (comment …