ImageVault 4 MediaStreamService URL exposed on EPiServer 7.5 website

I ran into a small ImageVault 4 configuration error setting up a new testing environment for a client’s EPiServer 7.5 website the other day; all of our ImageVault pubished media URLs had stopped working. Or, actually they worked just fine as long as you tried accessing them from the server.

In all of our old environments the image URLs rendered correctly as below:


While on the new server they all looked like this:


After some time of comparing configuration files Dan Händevik at Meriworks support helped me with the answer. Turned out that a line was accidentally removed in our config transforms for this environment; line 4 below in the imagevault.client.config file in EPiServer’s webroot, <add key=”defaultMediaUrlBase” value=”/imagevault/” />.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <add key="defaultMediaUrlBase" value="/imagevault/" />
    <add key="enableClientCache" value="true" />
    <sdkIdentity key="iv4sdk" secret="some_secret" />
  <imageVaultCore address="https://localhost:9901" />

Putting this defaultMediaUrlBase setting back fixed the problem right up.