Solution for DirectoryNotFoundException moving EPiServer 7 site – Could not find a part of the path {wwwroot}\ClientResources\ClientResources\packages.config

I encountered an annoying DiretoryNotFoundException while moving one of my existing EPiServer 7 hobby sites to a new server, and thought that a quick note about it would be in order. The exception was this; Could not find a part of the path ‘D:\Projekt\MyProject\src\MyProject.Web\ClientResources\ClientResources\packages.config’.

DirectoryNotFoundException when specifying wrong appData basePath in EPiServerFramework.config

After some well spent time reading the configuration files I found the cause being, as surprisingly often with this kind of errors, a simple error in one of the paths; I was using the old server’s C:\ rather than the new D:\ one for my appData basePath.


<appData basePath="C:\Projekt\MyProject\VPP" />

<appData basePath="D:\Projekt\MyProject\VPP" />