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Making the EPiServer scheduler run your Windows PowerShell scripts

Some time ago I wrote a post about retrieving and updating the MaxMind GeoIP database using Windows PowerShell scripts, and suggested the possibility to have the Windows Task Scheduler automating the process. Mostly for my own amusement, I decided to … Continue reading

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GeoIP database update in multiple webserver environment using Windows PowerShell scripting

The MaxMind GeoIP database (shipped with EPiServer Framework) is rather useful when wanting to show geographically specific information to visitors as they surf around the site. Since mapping the correct requests to the proper regions may be rather important generating … Continue reading

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Using Windows Task Scheduler to automatically run PowerShell scripts

Windows PowerShell scripting is a powerful way of automating otherwise tiresome and error prone manual tasks. I recently looked into how I could have Windows running my scripts for me. It is not difficult, but it still took some poking … Continue reading

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